Thursday, October 6, 2011

Photo Art Friday, week 5

This week I tried out Bonnie's tutorial over at Pixel Dust Photo Art.   I took a photo of our Cimicifuga plant during the last week of September.  It is a tall plant and also goes by the names - black cohosh, bugbane, snake root.  I like the creamy racemes this plant produces, quite striking.

The texture I used to create this photo art is available at Pixel Dust, and is called Scratches.

Here is the original photo before processing.

I continued using the same tutorial without the texture, using only filters, on another photo.

A interesting effect! 

Here's the original photo

The bush is called Viburnum, withrod or sometimes wild raisin.

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Nadege, said...

I love the resulting colors in the second edit. Nice work.

Karen Dorcas, Artist said...

Wonderful pieces. Thanks so much for sharing. This "stroll" through Bonnie's Friday gallery is amazing. Karen in Kenai

Ida said...

Well Done! You did a great job using Bonnie's texture on your first photo. Which by the way looks awesome in it's original state as well.
I like the colors you used in the second photo/edit. Isn't it fun o play around with photo's to see what can be done with them!

ShonEjai said...

Very nice work. I loved your edits on both photos. Well done

Bonnie said...

Love the results you achieved with both images' processing. Amazing all the different effects we can achieve with our edits, isn't it?
Thank you for sharing your artwork with Photo Art Friday!

I'm NOT a VOLCANO! said...

Beautiful photos! I am going to have to check out that tutorial.


Here from pixeldust link.

Jessica said...

I've got to go watch that tutorial too! Lovely effect -- you can tell its there but there is something subtle about it too. Very nice!

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Nice post-processing.

Regards and best wishes

Pat said...

Nice work!

louciao said...

Your experimenting is yielding beautiful results!